Originally from Amesbury, MA, Fig is a Grand Prix Schoolmaster who competed at the highest level in Dressage, winning several Gold and Silver medals.

Now retired, Fig works for the HERD Foundation programs, helping our clients become empowered.

miss america.jpg

Miss America

Miss America was quite the jumper years ago and was so talented that she is in the Kentucky Horse Museum Hall of Fame. Miss America is known for her wisdom and intuition and has, and continues to help numerous clients through equine therapy.

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Sammie joined the HERD on September 12th of 2017 after being rescued from a kill pen. Sammie had to do a lot of work on himself, including how to trust and connect with humans and other horses. Now Sammie is helping others trust and connect and is quite the Rock Star. Sammie even has a T-shirt named after him which is a big seller and reads: “Got Sammied”.



Stitch is a retired Thoroughbred racehorse who is 9 years old and brings playfulness, companionship, and a sense of calm to our clients.