Our Programs

All of the following programs use Equine Assisted Learning. Each session is 1-1/2 hours once a week for a 6 week period. Each participant earns a certificate upon completion of the 6 week program.


TEEN SCENEPractice making empowered choices

Developed for teens ages 13 through 18 who are struggling with the everyday pressures of life. Teens become able to identify unhealthy coping skills and learn alternative ways to handle obstacles and distractions.

A LEG UP: Relapse prevention and riding

A program designed for individuals in recovery to help them achieve sobriety through mindfulness. This is achieved by helping them to build self worth and maintain long term goals while gaining skills to build a higher personal self connection

HEART OF THE HERD: Bringing Families back together

Designed for parents of all ages to help them better understand themselves and their children with the goal being to reunify families and to reduce any risk factors. This is achieved through building connection, trust and learning to communicate

natural horsemanship: centering ourselves

We combine Natural Horsemanship and the healing power of horses to create a better connection to ourselves. Experience true mindfulness by leading equine partners. Open to experienced and beginner riders.